SIVmac239 challenge experiments

MacaqueMHC-I haplotypeaNaive or vaccineebSet point VLc around wk 12CTL escaped at wk 5VL around wk 60
R-90-120 descendants
R-90-088 descendants
R-90-010 descendants
  • a MHC-I haplotype was determined by reference strand-mediated conformation analysis (4) as described previously (28). Macaques N2, V3, and V2 are sons of male breeder R-90-120; V5, V4, N3, V7, and V6 are sons of R-94-027; N1 and V1 are sons of R-90-088; N4 and V8 are sons of R-90-010. Breeder R-94-027 is the son of male R-90-120 and female R-90-122 and possesses 90-120-Ia and 90-122-Ie haplotypes. MHC-I haplotypes 90-120-Ia and 90-120-Ib are derived from breeder R-90-120, 90-122-Ie is from R-90-122, 90-088-Ij is from R-90-088, and 90-010-Id is from R-90-010.

  • b All the animals were challenged intravenously with SIVmac239. Vaccinees received a prophylactic DNA prime/SeV-Gag boost vaccine before challenge.

  • c Plasma viral load (RNA copies/ml plasma). VL, viral load.

  • d Rapidly selected CTL escape mutations in Gag as described previously (28).

  • e Macaques N3, V1, V2, and V7 developed AIDS and were euthanized at weeks 104, 105, 42, and 77, respectively.