Summary of clinical and pathologic outcome in macaques inoculated with uncloned virus SIVsmH445, isolated from a rapid-progressor macaque

MacaqueSurvival (wk)Significant pathologic findingsa
H631116Severe meningoencephalomyelitis, glomerulonephritis
H63266Cryptosporidial enteritis, focal encephalitis, optic neuritis
H63381Mycobacterium avium enteritis, lymphadenitis
H63456LPD, intestinal amyloidosis, enteritis, focal encephalitis
H6359RP (granulomatous encephalitis, pneumonia, and MNGC)
H63680Renal lymphoma, severe meningoencephalomyelitis with MNGC
  • a LPD, lymphoproliferative disorder; MNGC, multinucleated giant cells.