Species specificity of primate immunodeficiency virus Vif proteinsa

Vif protein(s)Result with:
Human APOBEC3GChimpanzee APOBEC3GAfrican green monkey APOBEC3GRhesus macaque APOBEC3G
HIV-1 wild type++
HIV-1ΔVif + HIV-1 Vif++
HIV-1ΔVif + SIVcpz Vif++
HIV-1ΔVif + SIVagm Vif++
HIV-1ΔVif + SIVmac Vif++++
  • a The ability of the indicated primate immunodeficiency virus Vif protein(s) to rescue the infectivity of a Vif-deficient HIV-1 proviral clone (HIV-1ΔVif) in trans, in the presence of the indicated primate APOBEC3G protein, is indicated. +, resistant; −, sensitive.