Relative binding affinities of Fab 5H2 and avidities of IgG 5H2 ΔD determined by ELISAa

VirusFab 5H2IgG 5H2 ΔD
Kd(nM)Fold reductionKd(nM)Fold reduction
DENV-4 (FRhL)0.360.23
DENV-4 v3>100>100>100>100
DENV-4 (C6/36)0.210.14
DENV-4 v43.7117.70.322.3
  • a Kd values of parental DENV-4 and derived mutants were determined from the concentrations giving 50% maximal binding in ELISA. Two or three separate binding experiments were performed for each virus to obtain the average value.