Protection of suckling mice from challenge with a neurovirulent DENV-4 strain by passive transfer of IgG 5H2 ΔDa

IgG 5H2 ΔD dose (μg/mouse)No. of mice in groupNo. (%) of surviving mice
081 (12.5)
4101 (10.0)
20115 (45.5)
921211 (91.7)
  • a Groups of 3- to 4-day-old suckling BALB/c mice were inoculated intraperitoneally with IgG 5H2 ΔD at the dose indicated and then challenged with 25 LD50 of neurovirulent DENV-4 H241 24 h later. The eight control mice received PBS diluent instead of an irrelevant human IgG antibody, which also had no effect on virus neutralization (8).