Viral constructs and characteristics

VirusSequence of KK10 epitope (amino acids 263-272)Mutation(s)Replicative capacityaInfluence of CypA on replicationbInfluence of CsA on replicationc
RK -K-------- R264K
LM -----M---- L268M++NDND
RKLM -K---M---- R264K, L268MND
SA ---------- S173A+NDND
SARK -K-------- S173A, R264K+NDND
SARKLM -K---M---- S173A, R264K, L268M+
A237T on RKLM -K---M---- A237T, R264K, L268M+ND
  • a Measured as viral spread in CEM GXR cell culture. ++, replication at WT level or more than the WT level; +, replication 50 to 100% of the WT level; −, replication <10% of the WT level.

  • b Measured as p24 production in JKT cells compared to that in JKT CypA−/− cells. ND, not determined; ↑, increased replication; ↓, decreased replication.

  • c Measured as infectivity of CEM GXR cells in the presence of 0.5 μM CsA.