Average distribution of mutations in cDNAs as a function of drug treatment

TreatmentNo. of analyzed cDNAs% of cDNAsa with:
No mutationsOne mutationTwo mutationsThree mutationsFour mutations
No treatment46085.712.
    41 μM36074.720.
    61 μM18067.827.
    82 μM27666.727.
    123 μM17065.324.
    164 μM34857.529.310.61.70.9
    246 μM16256.
MPA, 15.6 μM17677.818.
RBV + MPAb18562.726.
TIA, 154 μM9081.
SEL, 130 μM9381.716.
  • a Values represent averages from up to four independent experiments; each experiment contained a minimum of 90 independent cDNAs.

  • b Cotreatment of 41 μM RBV with 3.1 μM MPA.