Demographic and clinical features of four study groups (mean values are shown)

ParameterGroup 1a (chronic HCV)Group 2 (resolved HCV)Group 3 (non-HCV liver disease)Group 4 (healthy control)
No. of subjects31111210
Age (yr)49.851.451.131.0
Gender (% male)87.181.876.940.0
Estimated time from infection (yr)29.524.5NAbNA
HCV RNA (IU/ml)1,974,227<615NANA
ALT (IU/liter)118c24.4NANA
  • a Thirteen patients had intrahepatic lymphocytes from explanted livers.

  • b NA, values that are either not applicable or not available.

  • c Alanine transaminase (ALT) limited to patients without end-stage disease.