Clonal analysis of the 4E10 epitope in plasma virus isolates obtained during in vivo treatment with MAbsa

Patient and virusAmino acid at position:
    Pretreatment isolateSLWSWFDITQWLW
    Wk 12 clone 05SLWSWFGMTQWLW
    Wk 12 clone 13SLWSWFDMTQWLW
    Wk 12 clone 27SLWNWFDITQWLW
    Pretreatment isolateSLWNWFDITKWLW
    Wk 12 clone 35SLWNWLW
  • a Shown are sequence changes in the 4E10 epitope retrieved from the analysis of 51 and 37 clones derived from patients NAB01 and NAB02, respectively, at week 12 of the in vivo passive-immunization study. The 4E10 epitope is in boldface. The amino acid numbering corresponds to that of the HXB2 reference strain. —, amino acid deletion in the sequence.