Permissiveness to infection and expression of candidate receptorsa

Cell typeReplication efficiency (RLA)bCD81 expression (MFI)cSR-BI expression (MFI)dLDLr expression (MFI)eHCVpp infectivityfJFH-1 infectivityg
Huh7 (parental)++++++++++
    Clone 1++++++++++
    Clone 2+++±
    Clone 4++±
    Clone 11++++++
    Clone 25++++++±
    Clone 28±++++++++±
    Clone 31±+++++++
    Clone 35+++++++±
    Clone 49±++++++++
    Clone 50+++++±
    Clone 54++++++++++
    Clone 70±+++++++++
  • a See Materials and Methods for definitions of symbols.

  • b Detection of replication of the JFH-1 subgenomic replicon on Huh7 clones at 48 h after transfection of SGR-JFH1/Luc RNA.

  • c Detection of CD81 by flow cytometry using JS-81 antibodies on the surfaces of the indicated cells.

  • d Detection of SR-BI by flow cytometry using rat anti-SR-BI antiserum on the surfaces of the indicated cells.

  • e Detection of LDL receptor (LDLr) by flow cytometry using rabbit anti-LDLr antibody (BP5014) on the surfaces of the indicated cells.

  • f Detection of luciferase activities by subtraction from the activity of the nonenveloped control.

  • g Infected foci were detected by immunofluorescence using HCV anticore antibody (2H9).