Characteristics of the study populationa

IDSexAgeHLA typesGenotype(s)Viral load (GE/ml)ALTEpitopeLiver histologyb
C1M37A2, A33, B35, B5112,250,580201073 NS3II/III
C2F51A2, A11, B3911,961,194581406 NS3I/III
C3F40A1, A2, B7, B181500,000332594 NS50/0
C4M44A2, B564300,000621073 NS3I/III
C5M43A2, B18, B621797,5191151406 NS3I/I
C6F34A1, A2, B7, B13333,038781406 NS3I/III
C11M32A2, A3, B18, B44136,635372594 NS5II/I
C15M26A2, A26, B7, B271146,845112tp**II/I
C18M35A2, A26, B7, B181Not quantified31tp**I/II
C26M26A2, A25, B7, B811,157,65081tp**I/II
C28M21A2, A29, B4412032,1703701073 NS3II/I
C31M33A2, A31, B8, B351442,210951073 NS3I/II
C38M25A2, B49, B443136,0002592594 NS5I/I
A1M25A2, A11, B35, B443462,8833,586->37*1073 NS3Not done
A2M26A26, A29, B27, B351 and 32,289,2361,891->30*1492 NS4Not done
  • a Characteristics of 14 patients with detectable HCV-tetramer-positive CD8+ T cells are shown. A total of 56 patients were tested for significant frequencies of HCV-tetramer-positive CD8+ T cells. *, alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels from an early and a late time point are shown for patients with acute HCV infection. **, patients were tested with a pool of all available HLA-A2-restricted tetramers because of the low frequencies of HCV-specific CD8+ T cells. GE, genome equivalents; ID, patient identification number; tp, pooled tetramers. M, male; F, female.

  • b Liver biopsies were analyzed using the Desmet classification (expressed as degree of inflammation/degree of fibrosis).