Summary comparisons across multiple groups

TIV versus LAIVAgeEffector IgASimilar
TIV versus LAIVAgeEffector IgGTIV (adults)
Adults versus 5-9 yrsLAIVEffector IgASimilar
Adults versus 5-9 yrsLAIVEffector IgG5-9 yrs
Adults versus 5-9 yrsTIVEffector IgAAdults
Adults versus 5-9 yrsTIVEffector IgGSimilar
Adults versus 0.5-4 yrsTIVEffector IgASimilar
Adults versus 0.5-4 yrsTIVEffector IgGAdults
5-9 versus 0.5-4 yrsTIVEffector IgASimilar
5-9 versus 0.5-4 yrsTIVEffector IgG5-9 yrs
TIV versus LAIVAgeMemory IgATIV
TIV versus LAIVAgeMemory IgGTIV
Adults versus 5-9 yrsTIVMemory IgASimilar
Adults versus 5-9 yrsLAIVMemory IgGSimilar
TIV versus LAIVAgeSerum AbsTIV
Adults versus 5-9 yrsLAIVSerum Abs5-9 yrs
Adults versus 5-9 yrsTIVSerum Abs5-9 yrs
Effector B cells versus serum AbsaLAIVTake rateEffector B cells (adults)
Effector B cells versus serum AbsTIVTake rateSimilar
  • a Abs, antibodies.

  • b The group with a significantly higher response for a given comparison is indicated. Similar, similar responses for the groups in the indicated comparison.