Summary of patient clinical details and treatments

SubjectHLA typeMode of infectionHCV genotypeSymptomsWks between exposure (c), first proof of viremia (v), or onset of symptoms (s) and start of therapyTreatmentTreatment duration (wks)Treatment outcomeb
A1A1,2 B40,57 Cw7,15Transfusion1bNo14 (e)IFN-α, Peg-IFN-α21ETR/relapse
A2A3,11 B7,8 Cw7Needle stick1bNo5 (e)IFN-α, ribavirin48ETR/relapse
A3A1 B8,44 Cw5,7Unknown1aNo9 (v)Peg-IFN-α, ribavirin24Breakthrough
A4A1,3 B35,37 Cw4,6UnknownNDcFatigue, jaundice18 (s)Peg-IFN-α, Ribavirin24SVR
A5A1,11 B37,55 Cw1,6Needle stick2bNo9 (e)IFN-α24SVR
A6A1,2 B8,44 Cw5,7IVDUa episode2aJaundice14 (e)IFN-α16SVR
A7A3,11 B51,55 Cw9,16Needle stick1aJaundice7 (e)IFN-α36SVR
A8A61,68 B40,44 Cw3,7Transfusion1aNo9 (e)Peg-IFN-α, ribavirin30ETR/relapse
  • a IVDU, intravenous drug use.

  • b ETR, end of treatment response; SVR, sustained virological response.

  • c ND, not determined.