ENF susceptibilities of four envelopes bearing substitutions in gp41 amino acids 36 to 45 in a pseudotype reporter virus assay

EnvaENF IC50 (μg/ml) (fold change from wild type) for indicated backgrounda
Wild type0.0933.380.2650.836
G36D0.372 (4.0)8.696 (2.6)ND1.639 (2.0)
V38E17.858 (192)>100 (>30)ND40.06 (48)
N42T + N43S0.276 (3.0)ND91.08 (344)22.493 (27)
  • a GIV was derived from NL4-3/D36G; 030, 060, and 098 were derived from baseline virus isolates from three patients in the T20-205 trial (16). ND, not determined.