Sampling, clinical parameters, and HIV-1 genotyping

VisitTime of visit (mo)HIV-1 serostatusPlasma viral loada (copies/ml)Clinical symptomsNo. of CD4 cells/μl of plasmabNo. of CD8 cells/μl of plasmabMHA genotypec
0Negative3.6 × 103HealthyNDND
13Positive2.1 × 106HealthyNDNDAACD
26Positive4.9 × 105Malaise, decreased appetite, lymphadenitisNDNDC
39Positive4.0 × 105Recurring episodes of short fever, cough and diarrhea, moderate weight lossNDNDACCAACD
412Positive6.9 × 104NDNDACCAACD
515Positive6.6 × 104NDNDACCAACD
618Positive2.9 × 105NDNDACCAACD
721Positive7.2 × 104NDNDACCAAD
824Positive6.5 × 104482587ACCAACD
927Positive7.5 × 104NDNDACCAACD
1030Positive4.8 × 104377448ACCAACD
  • a Samples from visits 1, 2, 3, and 6 were analyzed with the Roche v.1.5 standard assay; other visits were analyzed with the Roche v.1.5 ultrasensitive assay.

  • b ND, not done.

  • c Determined by MHAacd as described in reference 13 and modified in reference 3. gp, gp41; —, none of the three subtype-specific probes hybridized.