Replication capacity of pseudotyped virus particles carrying the envelope proteins indicated (NL/S [L33S], BaL/V [I48V], BaL/K [N126K], BaL/VK [I48V/N126K])a

IsolateReplication capacity (% of control)
NL4-3 (control)100.0
NL/S154.2 ± 13.1
BaL (control)100.0
BaL/V44.2 ± 18.1
BaL/K15.2 ± 9.0
BaL/VK24.2 ± 3.0
  • a PM1 cells were infected with normalized virus stocks and Renilla activity determined 2 days postinfection. The ratio of relative light units obtained postinfection of PM1 cells to relative light units obtained after transfection of 293T cells was set to 100% for both pseudotype infections with particles carrying the parental envelope proteins NL4-3 and BaL. Values were calculated as the means of three independent experiments done in quadruplicate. Note that the L33S mutation does not cause reduced replication capacity despite being resistant to T-20, T-649, and M87.