Anti-envelope binding antibodies elicited by the prime-boost immunization regimens

Titer group and ImmunogenDoseGeometric mean titer postimmunizationa
After second Ad primeAfter first gp140 boostAfter second gp140 boost
Titer against HIVIIIB gp160
    Replicating Ad107397*3,794*28,360*
    Replicating Ad10868*4,021*213,307*
    Nonreplicating Ad108105110,471
    Nonreplicating Ad1092216149,570
Titer against HIVSF162 gp140ΔV2
    Replicating Ad1074753,23713,462
    Replicating Ad1084,24243,58965,799**
    Nonreplicating Ad108482,78421,953
    Nonreplicating Ad109562,67243,496**
  • a Serum titers (reciprocal serum dilutions) were obtained 2 weeks past the indicated immunizations. *, Higher titers to heterologous gp160 in chimpanzees primed with replicating Ad recombinants independent of dose (P = 0.018); **, higher titers to homologous gp140ΔV2 Env boost independent of vector (P = 0.0040).