Isolates of EBLV analyzed in this study

VirusYr of isolationCity of isolationaCountry of isolationBat speciesSourceGenBank accession no.b
    9395 GER1968HamburgGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863348 (N)
AY863296 (G)
AY863273 (G5)
AY863235 (G3)
    9396 GER1985RostockGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863349
AY863297 (G)
AY863269 (G5)
AY863231 (G3)
    9398 GER1970Stade, NiedersachsenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863350 (N)
AY863298 (G)
AY863247 (G3)
    9399 GER1982BremerhavenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863351 (N)
AY863299 (G)
AY863287 (G5)
AY863249 (G3)
    9436 GER1986Stade, NiedersachsenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863352 (N)
    9437 GER1987Bremen, BremenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863353 (N)
AY863300 (G)
AY863280 (G5)
AY863242 (G3)
    9438 GER1988Neumunster, Schleswig-HolsteinGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863354 (N)
    9439 GER1989Iberg, NiedersachsenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863301 (G)
AY863279 (G5)
AY863241 (G3)
    9440 GER1989Braunschweig, NiedersachsenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863355 (N)
AY863302 (G)
AY863282 (G5)
AY863244 (G3)
    9441 GER1990Walsrode, NiedersachsenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863356 (N)
AY863303 (G)
AY863288 (G5)
AY863250 (G3)
    9477 GER1986Nienburg, NiedersachsenGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863357 (N)
    9481 GER1990Lubeck Schleswig-HolsteinGermany E. serotinus A. King AY863358 (N)
AY863304 (G)
AY863286 (G5)
AY863248 (G3)
    9366 HOL1992GoorNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863359 (N)
AY863305 (G)
AY863276 (G5)
AY863238 (G3)
    9372 HOL1992ValthermondNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863360 (N)
AY863306 (G)
AY863274 (G5)
AY863236 (G3)
    9478 HOL1989RoldeNetherlands E. serotinus A. King AY863361 (N)
AY863307 (G)
    9480 HOL1987BellingwoldeNetherlands E. serotinus A. King AY863362 (N)
AY863308 (G)
AY863283 (G5)
AY863245 (G3)
    94116 HOL1989JubbegaNetherlands E. serotinus A. King AY863363 (N)
AY863309 (G)
AY863284 (G5)
AY863246 (G3)
    02017 HOL2000SoestNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863364 (N)
    02018 HOL2000LeidenNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863365 (N)
    02020 HOL1999WoerdenNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863366 (N)
    02021 HOL1998LeensNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863367 (N)
    02022 HOL1998OldeberkoopNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863368 (N)
    8615 POL1985GdanskPoland E. serotinus D. Seroka AY863369 (N)
AY863310 (G)
    9394 POL1990KetrzynPoland E. serotinus D. Seroka AY863370 (N)
AY863311 (G)
AY863271 (G5)
AY863233 (G3)
    96031 POL1994DziekanowPoland E. serotinus D. Seroka AY863312 (G)
    9397 RUS1985BelgorodRussiaHumanA. King AY863371 (N)
AY863313 (G)
AY863272 (G5)
AY863234 (G3)
    01018 SLO2001PresovSlovakia E. serotinus R. Franka AY863382 (N)
AY863323 (G)
AY863295 (G5)
AY863257 (G3)
    9443 UKR1987Volyn regionUkraine V. murinus A. King AY863372 (N)
AY863314 (G)
AY863263 (G5)
AY863225 (G3)
    03002 FRA2003Angers, Maine et LoireFrance E. serotinus Institut Pasteur, Paris AY863381 (N)
AY863322 (G)
AY863277 (G5)
AY863239 (G3)
    9479 DEN1987HorsensDenmark E. serotinus A. King AY863373 (N)
AY863315 (G)
AY863281 (G5)
AY863243 (G3)
    94109 DEN1987JuelsmindeDenmark E. serotinus A. King AY863316 (G)
AY863261 (G5)
AY863223 (G3)
    94110 DEN1987ChristiansfeldDenmark E. serotinus A. King AY863374 (N)
    02007 DEN1993Århus, East JutlandDenmark E. serotinus L. Rønsholt AY863317 (G)
AY863262 (G5)
AY863224 (G3)
    02010 DEN1995Arden, Northeast JutlandDenmark E. serotinus L. Rønsholt AY863375 (N)
AY863318 (G)
AY863259 (G5)
AY863221 (G3)
    02011 DEN1997Jerslev, ZealandDenmark E. serotinus L. Rønsholt AY863376 (N)
AY863319 (G)
AY863260 (G5)
AY863222 (G3)
    02012 DEN1999Holsted, Southwest JutlandDenmark E. serotinus L. Rønsholt AY863377 (N)
    02013 DEN1999Nr.Nebel, Southwest JutlandDenmark E. serotinus L. Rønsholt AY863378 (N)
AY863320 (G)
AY863267 (G5)
AY863229 (G3)
    02015 DEN2000Rødding, South JutlandDenmark E. serotinus L. Rønsholt AY863379 (N)
    02016 DEN2002Janderup, Southwest JutlandDenmarkSheepL. Rønsholt AY863380 (N)
AY863321 (G)
AY863266 (G5)
AY863228 (G3)
    9367HOL1992WassenaarNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863383 (N)
AY863335 (G)
AY863275 (G5)
AY863237 (G3)
    9376 HOL1993MoerkapelleNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863384 (N)
AY863339 (G)
AY863270 (G5)
AY863232 (G3)
    9377 HOL1993ApeldoornNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863385 (N)
AY863334 (G)
    94113 HOL1992SchagenNetherlands E. serotinus A. King AY863386 (N)
AY863336 (G)
AY863289 (G5)
AY863251 (G3)
    94115 HOL1992BovenkarspelNetherlands E. serotinus A. King AY863387 (N)
AY863327 (G)
AY863293 (G5)
AY863255 (G3)
    02019 HOL1999LimmenNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863388 (N)
AY863324 (G)
    02024 HOL1997BergenNetherlands E. serotinus CIDC-Lelystad AY863389 (N)
AY863338 (G)
AY863258 (G5)
AY863220 (G3)
    9483 SPA1987GranadaSpain E. serotinus Institut Pasteur, Paris AY863390 (N)
AY863340 (G)
AY863290 (G5)
AY863252 (G3)
    94285 SPA1994GranadaSpain E. serotinus A. Tellez AY863391 (N)
AY863337 (G)
AY863264 (G5)
AY863226 (G3)
    8918 FRA1989Briey, Meurthe-et-MoselleFrance E. serotinus Institut Pasteur, Paris AY863392 (N)
AY863341 (G)
    8919 FRA1989Bainville-sur-Madon, Meurthe et-MoselleFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863393 (N)
AY863342 (G)
AY863278 (G5)
    9603 FRA1995BourgesFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863394 (N)
AY863328 (G)
AY863294 (G5)
AY863256 (G3)
    9906 FRA1995Morlaix FinistèreFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863395 (N)
AY863332 (G)
    0001 FRA2000Premilhat, AllierFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863396 (N)
AY863326 (G)
AY863292 (G5)
AY863254 (G3)
    0002 FRA2000Fouesnant, FinistèreFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863397 (N)
AY863330 (G)
    0003 FRA2000Plounéour-Menez, FinistèreFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863398 (N)
AY863331 (G)
    0102 FRA2000Joinville, Haute-MarneFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863399 (N)
AY863291 (G5)
AY863253 (G3)
    02031 FRA2001Vallon en Sully, AllierFrance E. serotinus J. Barrat AY863400 (N)
AY863329 (G)
    02032 FRA2001Plonquin FinistèreFrance E. serotinus E. Picard AY863401 (N)
AY863325 (G)
AY863268 (G5)
AY863230 (G3)
    02033 FRA2001Waville, Meurthe-et-MoselleFrance E. serotinus E. Picard AY863402 (N)
AY863333 (G)
AY863265 (G5)
AY863227 (G3)
    94112 HOL1989AndijkNetherlands M. dasycneme A. King AY863405 (N)
AY863346 (G)
    9018 HOL1987WommelsNetherlands M. dasycneme CIDC-Lelystad AY863403 (N)
AY863347 (G)
    9375 HOL1993RodenNetherlands M. dasycneme CIDC-Lelystad AY863404 (N)
AY863344 (G)
    9007 FIN1986HelsinkiFinlandHumanLumio et al. (1986) AY863406 (N)
AY863345 (G)
    9337 SWI1993VersoixSwitzerland M. daubentonii R. Zanoni AY863407 (N)
AY863343 (G)
    02053 SWI2002NAcSwitzerlandNAR. Zanoni AY863408 (N)
    94286 SA1981NASouth Africa Minopterus spp.Van der Merwe AY996324 (N)
AY996322 (G)
    86132 SA1971NASouth AfricaHumanMeredith AY996323 (N)
AY996321 (G)
  • a The city closest to where the viral isolate was collected.

  • b Letters in parentheses indicate the region of the genome from which the sequence came. N, nucleoprotein gene; G, glycoprotein gene; G5, noncoding sequence 5′ to the glycoprotein gene; G3, noncoding sequence 3′ to the glycoprotein gene.

  • c NA, information not available.