Demographic information on chimpanzees

ChimpanzeeAd vectorDoseCenteraAge (yr)SexTiterb
271Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE3HIVMNenv/rev107SW18M168
363Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE3HIVMNenv/rev107SW11M84
A163Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE3HIVMNenv/rev107NI39F12816
182DAd5- or Ad7-ΔE3HIVMNenv/rev108NI20F8<4
386Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE3HIVMNenv/rev108SW10M3216
376Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE1E3HIVMNenv/rev108SW10M164
360Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE1E3HIVMNenv/rev108SW11F128<4
373Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE1E3HIVMNenv/rev109SW10F88
A136Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE1E3HIVMNenv/rev109NI37F64<4
A003Ad5- or Ad7-ΔE1E3HIVMNenv/rev109NI15F648
  • a Chimpanzees were housed at Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (SW) and the New Iberia Research Center (NI) as indicated.

  • b Chimpanzees were initially screened for Ad5 and Ad7 neutralizing antibody titers and placed into immunization groups. At the time of study initiation (week 0), the Ad5 and Ad7 titers remained well balanced between animals immunized with replicating and nonreplicating Ad recombinants (P = 0.82 and 0.65 for Ad5 and Ad7, respectively). Titers are expressed as reciprocal serum dilutions.