Frequencies of proliferating and nonproliferating B cells harboring γHV68 genomes

Time (dpi)Total no. of cells% B cellsc,d% Proliferating B cellsc,dFrequency of viral-genome-positive cellsaNo. of latently infected cellsb
Proliferating B cellscNonproliferating B cellscProliferating B cellsNonproliferating B cells
161.5 × 10855351/4001/2,20072,18724,131
421.0 × 10848261/1,6001/96,0007,800370
928.0 × 10735181/7,0001/31,500706742
  • a Frequencies of viral-genome-positive cells represent the means of at least two or three independent experiments with splenocytes pooled from 10 mice per experimental group.

  • b The total number of latently infected cells was determined by using the experimental frequency data and the estimated total cell numbers per subset.

  • c Percentages of cells were determined by flow cytometry, and frequencies of viral-genome- positive cells were determined by LDPCR as described in Materials and Methods.

  • d The percentage of B cells in the spleens of naïve mice was 50%, and the percentage of B cells that were proliferating was 12.5%.