Tat neutralization activity of sera from mice immunized with CyaA-E5, CyaA-E5-Tat, or Tat toxoid

Serum immunization protocol% Inhibition of β-Gal-production on daya
1/20 dilution1/40 dilution1/20 dilution1/40 dilution
None (naive)165
3× CyaA-E5 (i.p.)2716
3× CyaA-E5 + alum (i.p.)1813
3× CyaA-E5-Tat (i.p.)7452
3× CyaA-E5 (10 μg, s.c.)25191815
3× CyaA-E5-Tat (10 μg, s.c.)68506347
3× Tat toxoid (1 μg) + alum (s.c.)3925
3× Tat toxoid (10 μg) + alum (s.c.)73576340
2× CyaA-E5 (i.d.)2713
2× CyaA-E5-Tat (i.d.)8964
2× Tat toxoid (10 μg, i.d.)5948
3× CyaA-E5 (i.d.)3227
3× CyaA-E5-Tat (i.d.)8364
3× Tat toxoid (10 μg, i.d.)7057
  • a The sera of five mice per group were collected at the indicated days, pooled, and tested in the neutralization assay. The results are expressed as percentages of inhibition of the β-Gal production that reflects the neutralization of the Tat activity.