Viability assays of adherent and nonadherent cellsa

Cell linePositive staining of cells adherent/nonadherent (%)
Annexin V7-AADTrypan blue
293-δAg (Tet)16/3010/191/17
293-δAg (Tet+)10/246/122/14
293-HDV (Tet)16/2710/160.5/12
293-HDV (Tet+)15/368/222/15
  • a Monolayer cultures of 293-δAg and 293-HDV cells were grown for 4 days in the absence or presence of TET, as indicated. The adherent and nonadherent cells were then assayed for the percentage of cells which stained positive for annexin V, 7-AAD, or trypan blue.