Passive antibody protection in 8-week-old wild-type and C3-deficient mice

Mouse group and dosea% Survival at 28 days (n)bP valuec
C3 deficient0 (17)
    E16 MAb, 500 μg100 (4)0.005*
    Immune serum, 0.5 μl13 (8)0.006*
    Immune serum, 5 μl44 (9)<0.0001*
    immune serum, 50 μl100 (8)<0.0001*
Wild type50 (13)
    E16 MAb, 500 μg100 (10)<0.0001*
    Immune serum, 0.05 μl80 (10)>0.3
    Immune serum, 0.5 μl100 (10)0.03*
    Immune serum, 5 μl100 (10)0.03*
  • a E16 is an anti-WNV E protein MAb that binds to domain III and strongly neutralizes WNV infection. Heat-inactivated immune serum was generated from surviving wild-type mice at day 28 after infection. Immune serum was diluted in HBSS with 1% heat-inactivated serum to obtain the indicated dose. A single dose of E16 or immune serum was passively transferred by the intraperitoneal route to C57BL/6 × 129 Sv wild-type or C3-deficient mice on the same day that 102 PFU of WNV was inoculated via footpad inoculation.

  • b The percentage of mice surviving infection at the termination of the experiment (28 days) is indicated.

  • c The P value is shown after performance of log rank analysis of the Kaplan-Meier survival curve. An asterisk indicates statistical significance.