Interspecies variation in TRIM5α-related proteins

Proteins for comparison% aa difference in domainaOverall
RINGB-box 2Coiled coilB30.2 (SPRY)
Human TRIM5α vs chimpanzee TRIM5α03322
Human TRIM5α vs rhesus monkey TRIM5α133121713
Human TRIM5α vs African green monkey TRIM5α200112415
Human TRIM5α vs squirrel monkey TRIM5α1612284532
Human TRIM5α vs spider monkey TRIM5α1812285639
Human TRIM5α vs mouse 9230105E10RiK5024597057
Human TRIM5α vs rat LOC3089064121567258
  • a The percentages of amino acid residues that differ between the TRIM5α-related proteins of the indicated species within each domain and within the complete protein are shown. The percentages were calculated as follows: number of different residues/total number of residues compared × 100%. Insertions in one sequence were counted as differences and also contributed to the total number of residues compared.