Lengths of B30.2 domain variable regions in TRIM proteins

TRIM proteinaB30.2 variable region lengthb (aa)
Human TRIM52617325
African green monkey TRIM54617325
Squirrel monkey TRIM51717415
Rat LOC3089061943305
Mouse 9230105E10Rik1930305
Human TRIM341325295
Mouse TRIM341323295
Rat TRIM341324295
Human TRIM61923255
Mouse TRIM61923255
Human TRIM221929295
Mouse TRIM301631305
Human TRIM2120122310
Cow TRIM2120122310
Mouse TRIM2120122310
Rat TRIM2120122310
Human BIA2201223ND
Mouse LOC216781201223ND
Rat LOC303167201223ND
Human RNF137201223ND
Human TRIM43813234
Human TRIM171912236
Human TRIM112012206
Human TRIM102012227
Human TRIM26201222ND
Human TRIM272011239
Human TRIM2020122310
Human TRIM3921122310
Human TRIM50A2012239
  • a Proteins from different species that are likely to be orthologous are placed in a common section. TRIM proteins more closely related to TRIM5α occupy the top half of the table.

  • b The lengths of the B30.2 variable regions, defined as shown in Fig. 1, are given in amino acid residues. Numbers in bold indicate variable loop lengths outside the range of the consensus length. ND, not determined due to ambiguity in the alignment of sequences flanking the variable regions.