Isolation of the virus responsible for mortality in carpa

Subjects for exptResult of indicated expt (no. of dead fish/no. of inoculated fish [%] or no. of plaques/culture [for expts with KFC])
Inoculation with infected cell extractsInoculation with medium from uninfected KFCInoculation with medium from infected KFC
Fish15/20 (75)0/15 (0)14/17 (82)
KFC cocultivated with 104 fish cells1.8 × 10201.5 × 102
FishNot done0/10 (0)4/10 (40)
  • a Medium and cells extracts harvested from the fifth passage of the virus in cell culture were used for intraperitoneal injection of juvenile naive carp (top row). Kidney cells taken from an inoculated fish from each group were cocultivated with KFC (middle row). The medium harvested from KFC that were cocultivated with carp cells (middle row, last column) was transferred three times in KFC and then used to reinfect juvenile carp (bottom row).