Overview of SIV vaccine challenge studies

StudyVaccineNo. of macaquesTiming (wk)Total study duration (wk)
AaControl rAAV2Control rAAV250, 243863
BbControl rAAV2Control rAAV280, 121568
CcControl DNAControl DNA4DNA prime (control or SIV) given at weeks 0, 5, and 14;2881
Control rAAV24
SIV DNASIV DNA4DNA or rAAV boost per dose (control or SIV given at 24 weeks)
  • a rAAV2/SIV vaccine contained a mixture of two rAAV particles, gag-PR-ΔRT and rev-gp160.

  • b rAAV2/SIV vaccine contained a mixture of three rAAV particles, gag-PR-ΔRT, RT-IN, and rev-gp160.

  • c SIV DNA vaccine was a mixture of three plasmids containing the same genes listed in footnote b.

  • d Challenge virus was SIVsm/E600 given intravenously. The dose in study A was 2 MID50. In studies B and C, the dose was 50 MID50.