CTL responses over timea

Peptide (ARRRR no.)LocationSFC count on month indicated
LKETINEEAAEWDRV (5035)Gag 201-215 (p24)014300
INEEAAEWDRVHPVH (5036)Gag 205-219 (p24)3212531380
AAEWDRVHPVHAGPI (5037)Gag 209-223 (p24)8993413280
DRVHPVHAGPIAPGQ (5038)Gag 213-227 (p24)45000
GPIAPGQMREPRGSD (5040)Gag 221-235 (p24)42000
PGQMREPRGSDIAGT (5041)Gag 225-239 (p24)238000
EPIDKELYPLTSLRS (5104)Gag 477-491 (p6)02702080
KIATESIVIWGKTPK (5593)Pol 529-543 (RT)00650
WPTVRERMRRAEPAA (5142)Nef 13-2700060
EVGFPVRPQVPLRPM (5155)Nef 65-7902550448
PGPGIRYPLTFGWCF (5171)Nef 129-143231927463401
IRYPLTFGWCFKLVP (5172)Nef 133-1477041,1855590
KCCFHCQVCFTTKGL (5120)Tat 29-43014800
DEELLKTVRLIKFLY (5993)Rev 9-23000764
LKTVRLIKFLYQSNP (5994)Rev 13-27000789
YWGLHTGERDWHLGQ (6035)Vif 69-8370421526843
HTGERDWHLGQGVSI (6036)Vif 73-8783136137662
  • a CTL responses identified by ELISPOT screening against overlapping peptides (obtained from the NIH ARRRR) are shown. The locations of the peptides (in relationship to the HXB2 sequence) are given. Values are SFC per 106 CD8+ T lymphocytes (means of results of duplicate experiments).