HSV-1 mutants used in the studya

in1324HCMV IE-pp71 (TK)
in1382HCMV IE-lacZ (TK)
in1360HCMV IE-pp71 (TK); HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in1374HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in1310HCMV IE-YFP-pp71 (TK); HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in0126HCMV IE-YFP-pp71 (TK); HCMV IE-lacZ (US1)
in0123HCMV IE-YFP-pp71 (UL54)
in1306HCMV/ICP0 hybrid promoter-lacZ (UL43)
in1307HCMV IE-pp71 (TK); HCMV/ICP0 hybrid promoter-lacZ (UL43)
in0121HCMV IE-pp71 [LAGSD](TK); HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in1316HCMV IE-YFP-pp71 (TK)
in1317HCMV IE-pp71 (TK); HCMV IE-GFP (UL43)
in0125HCMV IE-YFP-pp71Δ61 (TK); HCMV IE-lacZ (UL43)
in1372HCMV IE-Cre (TK)
  • a All mutants were derived from in1312.

  • b The site of insertion is bracketed.