Clinical occurrence of the rtV173L mutation in 70 GenBank wild-type HBV sequences and at baseline in adefovir dipivoxil trials

TrialPatient populationNo. of patients testedNo. (%) of patients with rtV173L at baseline
GenBank 70aWild-type HBV clone infected700 (0)
GS-98-435Lamivudine-resistant, chronic hepatitis B transplant patients12223 (19)
GS-99-460ibLamivudine-resistant, chronic hepatitis B, HIV-coinfected patients358 (23)
GS-00-461Lamivudine-resistant, chronic hepatitis B patients595 (9)
  • a Seventy wild-type HBV sequences from the GenBank database; isolates of all HBV genotypes (A to G) are included. Individual accession numbers are listed in reference 40.

  • b The occurrence of rtV173L was previously reported to be higher in this study; however, the study investigators have confirmed that the data provided in this table are accurate (4; V. Thibault and Y. Benhamou, unpublished data).