Effects of inhibitors on the activity of IFN-α against the HCV replicona

Drug, protein, or RNAConcnPrimary target(s)Effect
2-AP10 mMPKR and other kinases
Genistein300 μMTyrosine kinases+
Cycloheximide10 μg/mlTranslation+
Sodium salicylate5 mMIKK
SB 20358020 μMp38 MAPK
PD 9805950 μMMEK kinase
Vanadate50 μMProtein phosphatase
Wortmannin100 nMPI3 kinase
PP250 μMsrc kinase
Rapamycin200 nMmTOR, translation
Lactacystin5 μM26S proteasome+
Epoxomicin1 μM26S proteasome+
V protein of HPIV2STAT2+
E3L proteinPKR and OAS
  • a GS4.1 cells were incubated with the indicated compounds for 2 h and then in the presence of 100 IU of IFN-α/ml for an additional 24 h. Viral RNA levels were determined by Northern blot analysis. Assays for V protein, E3L, and VA RNA are described in the legend to Fig. 5.