Nonconvergent reactive SHIV Env peptides

Env proteinRegion(s)Total no. of nonconvergent peptides in regionSignificantly reactive nonconvergent peptidesa
No. (% of total) nonconvergent peptides% that overlapped convergent peptidesb
gp120Leader & N terminus172 (12)0
C182 (25)0
V151 (20)100
V273 (43)100
C2191 (5)0
V3103 (30)100
C3132 (15)0
V4, C4, V5160 (0)n/cc
C583 (38)67
gp41Fusion peptide, V, N-helix120 (0)n/c
Wang/Gnann42 (50)100
C-helix74 (57)75
2F543 (75)0
Transmembrane50 (0)n/c
MPI & Kennedy63 (50)100
C terminus213 (14)33
Avg for all regions (20)56
  • a Nonconvergent peptides that also demonstrated significant reactivity by pairwise SAM between samples at week 0 and any postchallenge time within each treatment group (Fig. 4B and C).

  • b Percentage significantly reactive nonconvergent peptides that overlapped convergent peptides (Table 3) by at least five amino acid residues.

  • c n/c, not calculable.