Qualitative summary of results for all antibodies and mutant strains tested Immunolabeling resultsa

AntibodyPRD1MMTVSus539 (2× purified)BackgroundLocalization on virions
P3+++++++Many sites
P5+++++/−Most vertices
P2++*b+/−Most vertices
P6+++/−One vertex
P7/P14NTcNT+/−Not detected
P11+NTNT+/−One vertex
P16NTNT+/−Not detected
P31++NTNT+/−Most vertices
P20+NTNT+/−One vertex
  • a +++, very high labeling; ++, high labeling; +, some labeling; −, no labeling.

  • b *, a few (∼5%) particles labeled at many vertices, as seen for wt PRD1; however, the rest had no label.

  • c NT, not tested.