Subject characteristics at time of analysis

SubjectaAge (yr)Duration of HIV infection (yr)bCurrent therapycVirus load (copies/ml)CD4 count (cells/μl)Total HIV-specific CD4 response (SFC/106 cells)dNo. of recognized peptidese
    AC02485STI-no HAART5,7907145603
    AC03365STI-no HAART2,8508051,6107
    AC05445STI-no HAART12,90036189024
    AC06425STI-no HAART23,0004272,75018
    AC10365STI-no HAART2677552,03019
    AC14504STI-no HAART2,3005031,87518
    AC15465STI-no HAART17,8005353,12029
    AC26494STI-no HAART82,6006601,48012
    AC46522STI-no HAART2,975888>14,61036
Chronic-no Rx
  • a Subjects AC20, CRT3, CRU5, CRU6, and LT14 are females. All other individuals are males.

  • b Indicates years of documented HIV-1 infection.

  • c HAART defined as regimen containing at least three drugs.

  • d Sum of responses to the positive peptide pools in IFN-γ ELISPOT in SFC per 106 CD8-depleted PBMC. As each peptide is in two pools, only the responses to the pools with contiguous overlapping peptides were used for the calculation of the total response.

  • e Number of confirmed responses to individual peptides in IFN-γ ELISPOT.