Origins and references of isolates of RYMV used in the study

IsolateaRegionCountry of originOriginal host plantYr of isolationAccession no.
CIaWest AfricaCôte d'Ivoire O. sativa 1985 AJ608206
CIbWest AfricaCôte d'Ivoire O. sativa 1985 L20893
CI4West AfricaCôte d'Ivoire O. sativa 1995 AJ608207
CI63West AfricaCôte d'Ivoire O. sativa 1997 AJ608208
Ma10West AfricaMali O. sativa 1996 AJ608209
Ma77West AfricaMali Oryzae barthii 2000 AJ608210
Mg1East AfricaMadagascar O. sativa 1990 AJ608211
Mg2East AfricaMadagascar O. sativa 1990 AJ608212
NiaCentral AfricaNigeria O. sativa 1985 U23142
Ni1Central AfricaNigeria O. sativa 1985 AJ608213
Ni2Central AfricaNigeria O. sativa 1985 AJ608214
SL4West AfricaSierra Leone O. sativa 1985 AJ608215
Tz3East AfricaTanzania O. sativa 1997 AJ608216
Tz5East AfricaTanzania O. sativa 1997 AJ608217
Tz8East AfricaTanzania O. sativa 1996 AJ608218
Tz11East AfricaTanzania O. sativa 2001 AJ608219
  • a All sequences were deposited in the EMBL, except isolates CIb and Nia, which were deposited in GenBank.