Expression of latency- and RTA-associated KSHV gene expression early during infection of HMVEC-d and HFF cells

GeneExpression in cell typea
2 h8 h8 h24 h
Latency associated
    ORF K10.5++
    ORF K13+++++++++
    ORF 72+++++++++
    ORF 73++++++++++++
    ORF K12+++++++++
RTA activatedb
    ORF K8 (PL)+++(+)++
    ORF K5 (PL)++++++++++++++
    ORF K2 (PL)+++++
    ORF K12 (PL/Lat)++++++++
    Nut-1 (PL)+++++
    ORF 57 (PL)++
    ORF 6 (PL)+++
    ORF K9 (SL)++
    ORF 59 (SL)+++++
    ORF 65 (SL)++
    ORF K3 (SL)+++
    ORF K1 (TL)++
    ORF K8.1A (TL)+++++
    ORF 21 (TL)+++
    Total % expressed RTA-activated genes1004373614
  • a For presentation purposes, the expression ratios of KSHV genes in TPA-induced BCBL-1 cells (BCBL/TPA) and infected HMVEC-d and HFF cells described for Fig. 4A and Table 3 were used to assign arbitrary values. Symbols: −, <2; +, <5; ++, >5; +++, >10; ++++, >25 gene expression intensity ratio; (+), detected by RT-PCR but not by gene array. Ratios less than 2 were not considered significant.

  • b For calculating the percentage of expressed RTA-activated genes in HMVEC-d and HFF cells, expression in TPA-induced BCBL cells was considered 100%. PL, primary lytic gene; SL, secondary lytic gene; TL, tertiary lytic gene; PL/Lat, primary lytic/latency associated.