Percent amino acid (nucleotide) identities of BoCV partial polymerase and ORF3 genes to representative human genogroup I and II NLVs

GenogroupPolymerase ORF3 113 aa (339 nt)c
35 aa (76 nt)a138 aa (416 nt)b
Id 72-8077-8138-45
IIe 64-8462-6831-41
  • a Based on nucleotides 4482 to 4556 (numbered according to Bo/Jena/80/DE) of 19 UK BoCVs (Newbury2/76/UK, Aberystwyth24/00/UK, Aberystwyth58/00/UK, Aberystwyth65/00/UK, Carmarthen42/98/UK, Carmarthen10/99/UK, Carmarthen28/99/UK, Dumfries/94/UK, Penrith9/00/UK, Penrith24/00/UK, Penrith33/00/UK, Penrith41/00/UK, Penrith55/00/UK, Shrewsbury24/00/UK, Shrewsbury39/00/UK, Shrewsbury46/00/UK, Shrewsbury54/00/UK, Starcross37/00/UK and Thirsk10/00/UK), and the Bo/Jena/80/DE virus.

  • b Based on nucleotides 4482 to 4896 (numbered according to Bo/Jena/80/DE) of 9 UK BoCVs (Newbury2/76/UK, Aberystwyth24/00/UK, Dumfries/94/UK, Penrith9/00/UK, Penrith24/00/UK, Penrith41/00/UK, Penrith55/00/UK, Shrewsbury24/00/UK, Shrewsbury54/00/UK), and the Bo/Jena/80/DE virus.

  • c Based on 339 nucleotides at the 5′ end of ORF3 (starting from the Bo/Jena/80/DE initiation codon) of 4 UK BoCVs (Newbury2/76/UK, Dumfries/94/UK, Aberystwyth24/00/UK and Penrith55/00/UK) and the Bo/Jena/80/DE virus.

  • d Represented by Hu/Norwalk/68/US (22), Hu/Southampton/91/UK (24), and Hu/DesertShield395/90/SA (25) viruses.

  • e Represented by Hu/NLV/Melksham/89/UK (14), Hu/NLV/Lordsdale/93/UK (8), Hu/NLV/Mexico/89/MX (21), Hu/NLV/Toronto/91/CAN (27), and Hu/NLV/Hawaii/71/US (26) viruses.

  • f aa, amino acid; nt, nucleotide.