Summary of RT-PCR resultsa

SampleNo. of samples showing detectable transcript/no. tested for:
Type I H6LTsType II H6LTs
2-3 wk5/90/91/90/9
1 wk6/92/9d 1/92/9d
No reactivation0/70/70/70/7
  • a Samples obtained from the SCT patients were examined by RT-PCR with the primers shown in Fig. 1 before the chemotherapy for the SCT (pretreat), 2 to 3 weeks before the viral reactivation (2-3 wk), 1 week before the reactivation (1 wk), and at the onset of the reactivation (onset). Samples from patients who did not show HHV-6 reactivation (no reactivation) and from healthy age-matched controls (healthy) were also examined. RT-PCR for the type I and type II H6LTs was performed. Samples from the patients with no reactivation did not show detectable transcripts during the observation time period. The expression of the H6LTs was confirmed by H6LT-specific double-nested RT-PCR as described in our previous study (20).

  • b Latent, sample that showed the latent pattern in the RT-PCR shown in Fig. 2.

  • c Productive, sample that showed the productive expression pattern.

  • d Two samples showed both type I H6LTs and productive transcripts, and one of the two samples showed type II H6LTs and productive transcripts.