Sequences of dominant F peptides that are presented by HLA class II moleculesa

PeptideResiduesAmino acid sequenceHLA restrictionVariability between virus strains
27-24KANAITTILTAVTFCFASDRB1*0101 / DRB1*0401Variable
525-42GQNITEEFYQSTCSAVSKDRB1*0401 / DRB1*0701U31561: (A39V), B1: (K42R)
631-48EFYQSTCSAVSKGYLSALDRB1*0401 / DRB1*0701U31561: (A39V), B1: (K42R)
843-60GYLSALRTGWYTSVITIE(<DRB1*16-DQB1*05>)U31561: (T50I), B1 (L45F)
949-66RTGWYTSVITIELSNIKE(DRB1*0407)U31561: (T50I)
1055-72SVITIELSNIKENKCNGTDRB1*0701All A strains conserved; B1: (N67T)
30175-192NKAVVSLSNGVSVLTSKV(DRB1*0701)Conserved A + B
33193-210LDLKNYIDKQLLPIVNKQ(DRB1*1101)U31561: (N197T), B strains several changes
39229-246RLLEITREFSVNAGVTTP(DRB1*1101)Conserved in all A strains
40235-252REFSVNAGVTTPVSTYMLDRB1*0101Conserved in all A strains
45265-282PITNDQKKLMSNNVQIVR<DRB1*03-DQB1*02> / DQB1*03Conserved in all A strains, single change in B1: (N276S)
46271-288KKLMSNNVQIVRQQSYSI<DRB1*03-DQB1*02> / DQB1*03Concerved in all A strains, single change in B1: (N276S)
50295-312EVLAYVVQLPLYGVIDTPDQB1*05 / DQB1*06A strains conserved, single change in B1: (L305-I)
51301-318VQLPLYGVIDTPCWKLHTDQB1*05/DQB1*06B1: (L305-I)
57337-354TDRGWYCDNAGSVSFFPQ(DRB1*03-DQB1*02) / DRB1*1101 / <DRB1*1301-DQB1*06>Single variation in strain U31559: (Q354L)
66391-408YDCKIMTSKTDVSSSVITDRB1*0401Conserved in all A strains, single change in B1: (V402I)
69409-426SLGAIVSCYGKTKCTASNDRB1*0701 / <DRB1*1501-DRB5*01>Conserved A + B
72427-444KNRGIIKTFSNGCDYVSNDRB1*0401Single change in Long strain: (V442A)
77457-474YYVNKQEGKSLYVKGEPIDRB1*0101Conserved in all A strains
79469-486VKGEPIINFYDPLVFPSD<DRB1*1501 -DRB5*01>Conserved in all A strains, single change in B1: (F477Y)
83493-510SQVNEKINQSLAFIRKSDConserved A + B
84499-516INQSLAFIRKSDELLHNVLong: (N515H), B1: (K508R)
87517-534NAGKSTTNIMITTIIIVI(<DRB1*16-DQB1*0502>)Conserved in A strains, single change in B1: (A518T)
91541-558LIAVGLLLYCKARSTPVT(DRB1*0701)U31558 (L547F), B1: several changes
  • a The sequences of antigenic peptides were checked for their variability in eight different A strain viruses and two B strain viruses: Long strain and F proteins with GenBank accession numbers U31558, U31559, U31560, U31561, U31562, Z26524-short, L25351-short, and RSV B strains D00334 and B1 (accession number AF013254). Restriction elements in parentheses are ascribed on the basis of responses found in donors sharing these HLA molecules, <>, DR and DQ contribution not determined by blocking experiments. Boldface, overlapping stretches in adjacent peptides.