Antiviral effects of IFN-α, poly(I)-poly(C), and IFN-γa

TreatmentFold reductionbGAPDH Ctc
IFN-α (U/ml)
Poly(I)-poly(C) (μg/ml)
IFN-γ (U/ml)
  • a Replicon lines were treated with IFN-α, poly(I)-poly(C), or IFN-γ for 7 to 9 days. In this experiment, clone 8 cells were treated with IFN-α, while clone 45 cells were treated with IFN-γ and poly(I)-poly(C). Treatments were initiated on confluent cultures, and the medium was changed every 2 days. No overt toxicity was observed.

  • b Replicon RNA was quantified by TaqMan RT-PCR, and values are expressed as fold reduction compared to the values for untreated cells.

  • c The TaqMan RT-PCR assay for replicon RNA was multiplexed for the GAPDH mRNA to demonstrate a lack of effect of treatments on cellular mRNA, and all values were normalized for GAPDH. GAPDH values are expressed as Ct, the amplification cycle at which the values exceeded the background threshold.