Effect of ribavirin on replicon colony-forming efficiencya

Harvest time (h)RibavirinbTransfected replicon (ge)Colony-forming efficiencyc (colonies/μg of replicon)
242.6 × 108140,000
+2.6 × 10845,333
488.3 × 10793,750
+8.3 × 10714,583
723.1 × 107138,888
+3.1 × 1070
  • a Clone 24 cells were treated with or without 400 μM ribavirin for 24 to 72 h. Cell RNA was harvested at each time point, and the replicon copy number was determined (Fig. 6). RNA from untreated cultures was adjusted with Huh7 RNA such that transfections of treated and untreated RNAs were performed with identical replicon copy number (ge) and such that each transfection was performed with 10 μg of total cell RNA per 100-mm-diameter dish.

  • b Symbols: −, no ribavirin; +, 400 μM ribavirin.

  • c Colony-forming efficiency was expressed as the number of colonies per microgram of transfected replicon RNA which was extrapolated from the ge of replicon transfected at each time point as shown in the table.