Anti-SHIVDH12 neutralizing-AB titers elicited prechallenge

AnimalNeutralizing Ab titer determined after immunization witha:
rVVAT-2-treated microvesicles or virionsb
Post-round 1Post-round 2Post-round 1Post-round 2
Control macaques
Vaccinated macaques
  • a Plasma samples were diluted 1:10 in the neutralization assays conducted in both rounds following rVV immunization and after round 1 following microvesicle or virion immunization. The samples collected after round 2, following microvesicle or virion immunization, were serially diluted, and the neutralizating-Ab titers were calculated by the method of Reed and Muench (60). ND, none detected.

  • b Control macaques were immunized with microvesicles, and vaccinated macaques were immunized with virions.