Major HLA class I supertypes and their representation in Botswana

HLA supertypeaMHC class I HLA alleles; potential allelesFrequency (total %) in Botswana
A2A*0201-0207, A*6802, A*690124
A3A*0301, A*1101, A*3101, A*3301, A*68018
B7B*0702, B*3501-03, B*51, B*5301, B*5401; B*0703-05, B*1508, B*5501-02, B*5601-02, B*6701; B*780112
B44B*3701, B*4402-03, B60 (B*4001); B61 (B*4006); B*18, B*4101, B*4901, B*500120
A1A*0101, A*2501, A*2601, A*2602, A*3201; A*0102; A*2604, A*3601, A*430114
A24A*2301, A*2402-04, A*3001-0337
B27B*1401-02, B*1503, B*1509, B*1510; B*1518, B*2701-08, B*3801-02, B*3902-04, B*4801-02, B*730122
B58B*1516, B*1517, B*5701, B*5702, B*5821
B62B*4601, B*52, B*1501 (B62), B*1502 (B75), B*1513 (B77); B*1301-02, B*1506, B*1512, B*1514, B*1519, B*15213
  • a Sette and Sidney (62, 63).