Data collection and refinement statistics of murine norovirus CR10 P domain and sCD300lf domain complex structurea

ParameterValue(s) for CR10 and sCD300lf (PDB code 5OR7)
Data collection
    Space groupP212121
    Cell dimensions
        a, b, c (Å)75.11, 77.46, 140.95
        α, β, γ (°)90, 90, 90
    Resolution range (Å)42.82–2.05 (2.12–2.05)b
    Rmerge10.85 (70.51)b
    II11.45 (2.31)b
    Completeness (%)99.50 (97.60)b
    Redundancy5.5 (5.1)b
    Resolution range (Å)42.82–2.05
    No. of reflections52,389
    No. of atoms5,836
    Average B factors (Å2)
        Bond length (Å)0.002
        Bond angle (°)0.600
  • a The data set was collected from a single crystal.

  • b The value in parentheses is for the highest-resolution shell.