Table 1.

Reporter gene expression by yeast transformantsa

Plasmid with Ga14 DNA BDPlasmid with Ga14 ADLacZ expression in Y187bHis expression in AH109c
pGBK/ORF50pGAD-T control+++++
pGBK/ORF50cpGAD-T control
pGBK/ORF50AD2pGAD-T control
pGBK-53 controlpACT-clone7
pGBK-53 controlpGAD-clone7
pGBK-53 controlpGAD-T control+++++
  • a The indicated yeast strains were cotransformed with the indicated Ga14 DNA BD and Ga14 AD plasmids. Cotransformants were selected using nutrition selection markers for the vectors. The phenotypes of the colonies were analyzed by liquid β-Gal assays (for yeast strain Y187) and by their growth on SD plates lacking His (for yeast strain AH109).

  • b +++, intense color development within 1 h in the liquid β-Gal assays (about 20- and 10-fold higher, respectively, than clones designated + and ++); −, clone was unable to develop any color after incubation with ONPG for more than 24 h in the liquid β-Gal assays.

  • c ++, colonies appeared after 2 days of incubation at 30°C on SD plates lacking His; +, colonies appeared after 4 days; −, no growth.