Table 1.

Comparison of dissociation constants for several receptor-ligand pairsa

AnalyteImmobilized receptorKD (M)Reference
HHV-8 K8.1-FcHeparin4.8 × 10−8
HIV-1 soluble gp120Heparin5.5 × 10−8 36
HSV-2 soluble gBHeparin7.7 × 10−7 56
HSV-1 soluble gDHveA3.2 × 10−6 57
aFGFHeparin9.5 × 10−8 31
BiotinStreptavidin10−15 BIAcore
  • a The KD of soluble K8.1 and heparin was calculated from kinetic data (KD =k off/k on) obtained in SPR experiments using heparin-coated biosensor chips. A simple one-to-one reaction (Langmuir model) was used for the calculation. This model fitted sufficiently to the data, as can be concluded from the low χ2 values (0.118 to 0.168). HIV-1, human immunodeficiency virus type 1; aFGF, acidic fibroblast growth factor; HveA, herpesvirus entry mediator A.