Table 1.

Protection of mice immunized with rNDV/B1-HA following challenge with influenza A/WSN/33 virus

GroupImmunizationHA antibody titera with:No. of survivors (n = 5) after:
VirusDose (PFU) (107)AdministrationAnti-NDVAnti-influenza A/WSN virusImmunizationChallengeb
ArNDV/B13Intravenous1:480NDc 50
DPBS0IntravenousNDND 50
  • a Sera were collected on day 28 (1 week after the booster injection) after the first inoculation. Values are averages of HA antibody titers of five mice.

  • b Mice were challenged with 105 PFU (100 LD50) of influenza A/WSN/33 virus on day 35 after the first inoculation.

  • c ND, not detectable.