Table 2.

HHV-6 infection of SupT1 cells induces TH1-type gene expression profilesa

Gene type and Z ratioGene productDescriptionFunction/immune response
 1.862.60TRAF3TNF receptor-associated factorTNF signaling
 2.472.55CD4CD4MHC class 2 response
 1.962.38TNFRSF11ATNF receptor superfamilyNFκB activation
 2.252.30MAPK11Mitogen-activated protein kinase 11Mitogen-activated signaling
 3.122.20SCYB11Inducible cytokine subfamily BCXC chemokine signaling
 2.032.02IL18IL-18IFN-γ activation
 1.041.21IL-2RIL-2 receptorMitogen induction of T cells
 −2.95−3.19IL14IL-14Induction of B-cell proliferation
 −1.51−2.18IL10IL-10Inhibition of cytokine synthesis
 −0.34−1.07IL10RIL-10 receptorAffinity for IL-10
 −1.26−1.20IL13IL-13 receptor AInhibition of inflammatory cytokine synthesis
  • a The Z ratios shown represent averages from two independent experiments performed in duplicate. The data were sorted based on high Z ratios comparing SupT1 cells infected with HHV-6B (Z29) or variant HHV-6A (GS) and uninfected cells (control). Genes with a variance between experiments of greater than 0.2 were not analyzed.