Table 2.

Flow cytometry reactivity of DC-SIGN MAbsa

CloneIsotypeReactivity for:
Human DC-SIGNHuman DC-SIGNRPigtailed macaque DC-SIGNRhesus macaque DC-SIGNMurine DC-SIGN
4IgG1 κ++++
20IgG1 κ++++
25IgG1 κ++++
28IgG2a κ++++
37IgG2a κ++++
42IgG1 κ++++
51IgG1 κ++++
55IgG2a κ++++
5IgG1 κ+++
11IgG1 κ+++
29IgG1 κ+++
62IgG1 κ+++
63IgG1 κ+++
23IgG1 κ++
56IgG1 κ++
6IgG1 κ+
  • a The panel of DC MAbs was tested by flow cytometry against 293T cells, transfected with either human DC-SIGN or DC-SIGNR, pigtailed macaque DC-SIGN, rhesus macaque DC-SIGN, or murine DC-SIGN.