Table 1.

ELISA reactivity of DC-SIGN MAbsa

MAbIsotypeReactivity for:
EctodomainLectin binding domainC terminusL1, L2, and L3Repeat domain
4IgG1 κ+
11IgG1 κ+
25IgG1 κ+
28IgG2a κ+
37IgG2a κ+
55IgG2a κ+
56IgG1 κ+
62IgG1 κ+
63IgG1 κ+
5IgG1 κ++
20IgG1 κ++
29IgG1 κ++
42IgG1 κ++
51IgG1 κ++
23IgG1 κ++
6IgG1 κ+++
  • a The reactivity of the 16 DC MAbs was tested by ELISA against the reagents listed in Fig. 5. A positive sample was defined as having an optical density being at least twice the optical density obtained with an isotype match control antibody.